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U. Ishwarya Menon

The environment created by the staff, students and administrators at Easwari has helped in preparing me for the real world. In addition to subject knowledge, I honed my life skills, soft skills and people skills which helped me get placed in TCS. The academic inputs imbibed here helped me during my MS course at US. I owe a lot to Easwari Engineering College.


Easwari days are unforgettable! The freedom to pursue my interests and passion was the greatest I had in college, laid a firm base for further learning. A stroke of luck brought me here. In fact, every day was a day of learning at Easwari. The opportunities for participation made me very confident and go-getter. A lot many thanks to EEC for crafting my life so well.

Bhavani Sri

SRM Easwari Engineering College has played a significant role in my formative years. The then HOD and faculty of IT department guided me to try and succeed in whatever career lies close to my heart. Thankful to Easwari for the wonderful experiences, learnings and friends it has given me. Since I got placed in TCS through campus placements, I could kick start my career soon and could realize what I actually want to be in my life. Thanks to Easwari done helping me become who I am today.

Sai Shankar

Having finished my B.Tech IT from Easwari, I wanted to explore entrepreneurship as an option. In 2006 during the IT boom it was clear - to offer services which the tech companies would look for, after 15 Years with more than 115 clients across the globe, I'm happy to have taken this decision. I thank my faculty for what I am now.

Sarvesh Kalyan

I am a 2018 passed out student from IT department. I liked the college environment and the opportunities presented a lot. A lot of credit goes to the faculties in my department who helped me a lot whenever I reached out to them. There were many companies that visited our campus during our placement times and continued even after a year after graduation. Apart from this, there were plenty of events, seminars and internships. So, with enough passion there were ample opportunities to hone our skillset. Lastly, I don't regret choosing this college nor this department.

Abishek AG

My alma mater will always be close to my heart for the experiences and opportunities it bestowed upon me not just to enrich my career but my life too.I will always remain indebted to the institution, department faculties for letting me explore and reform my skills and finally graduate as a responsible human of this planet.

Bala Kumaran

I am grateful to our Principal, HOD and my Faculties who made me to stand in this place. Days in Easwari is unforgettable and I have several cherishing memories. Everyday was a day of learning at Easwari. The tasks and responsibilities gave to me, changed me as a complete confident man in life. A very good placement tie up made me to grab an offer and secure my place in IT industry.

Bharathwaj M

My alma mater has been instrumental in helping me discover myself academically and professionally. As an Information Technology alumni, I can safely say that the department has a great infrastructure and an array of faculties who are great mentors and are easily approachable. Plethora of workshops, cultural activities and other engagements are an added highlight in the journey. My biggest takeaway is a ton of good memories and a great deal of learning.

Abishek Pandu M

Skillful faculties and excellent placement opportunities for all students which most of the institutions finds difficult to offer to their students.

Haridha S

My career's most important Mile-stone that's my under graduation which kickstarted in Easwari Engineering College. I was given a place in the IT department. It was the most informative and knowledgeable experience in my life. And after successfully completing my degree without any backlogs, I got into campus placements and was selected by TCS. And now I've successfully completed 3 years in TCS. So, the root for my growth and strength towards my career was my College and it's management.

Harshitha Ramesh

It is a privilege to be a part of the SRM Easwari Engineering College. The IT department provides various facilities for the growth of their individual students, by providing various training’s, lectures, hands on experience and many more. Ever moment spent inside the campus was an unforgettable memory.

Pavithra Priyadarshini

I graduated from the Department of Information Technology in the year 2015. The College Management and my department played a major role in placing me in an MNC. With my work experience and ample encouragement from my professors, I decided to pursue my masters in the UK. Currently, I am joining my Doctoral studies in the US and still I receive abundance of support from the staffs. I thank everyone from the Department for guiding me in every stage of my career.

Pooja K

I've had the best experience in this college in all aspects from studies , getting job , having best faculty members, making amazing friends, cultural activities and made all the best memory of my life for these four years. College and especially my department has been has given me equal importance in both studies and extra curricular and I am thankful for that.

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