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SRM Easwari Engineering College provides professional counselling and psychological assistance for all students and staff. This is to promote and ensure a healthy environment and emotional wellbeing. Any Individual (student/ staff) in the campus has any issues related to academic performance, emotional disturbances, family issues, behavioural/habitual disorders, social isolation etc. is helped by professional counselling services. The student or the staff approaches the counsellor on their own interest or the Teachers, HODs, Principal identify them and refer them for counselling, sometimes even the counsellor identifies the needy and counsels.


Counselling is a learning oriented process carried on in a one to one social environment in which the counsellor, professionally competent in relevant psychological skills and knowledge, seeks to assist the client by methods appropriate to the latter’s need to learn more about oneself and accept oneself and learn how to put such understanding into effect in relation to clearly perceived, realistically defined goals and work towards achieving the goals to achieve their maximum potential in life.

Confidentiality, autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, justice, fidelity and veracity are the principles of ethical counselling which will be ensured by the professional counsellor.


The working environment is such, Students as well as Faculty, are inspired and supported to attain high standards of Education and skill sets and shine in their chosen path. Faculty, with their impressive Academic, Research and Industrial experience, lead the students to achieve ‘Excellence’ and ‘Competence’. This, in turn, enhances the core strength of students and enables them to realize all-round development.

The college offers 8 undergraduate programmes and 6 postgraduate programmes covering Engineering and Technology and Management. The National Board of Accreditation has accredited all programmes up to June 2020 except Automobile Engineering which was started in 2014. The College has obtained ISO 9001:2008 Certification from TUV, South Asia. So far, 18 Batches of Engineering students have successfully passed out. Many of our students have secured University Ranks including the University First Rank. Our campus placements are very high with over 95% of our students being placed year after year in both IT and core companies.

The Professional Counselor

Ms Maha Lakshmi S is a Psychologist, specialised in counselling who holds a MSc degree in Counselling psychology. She plays the role of a counsellor, a consultant and an advocate for students and staff members of our college. She believes that “Awareness is the first step in healing or changing”. She is passionate about creating a safe and supportive environment with empathy, compassion and unconditional positive regard, where one can process their experiences and explore their thoughts, emotions and work through any challenges that they may be facing and become the best version of themselves. She is trained in various therapeutic approaches and applies an eclectic approach to therapy that is tailored to each client’s needs and goals. She will be available on all working days during the working hours of the college.

The Mentoring

An effective student mentoring system is implemented in the college. Every 20 student will be assigned with a mentor (teaching staff) who will continuously monitor and assist the students on day-to-day basis and based on requirement students will be directed to the professional counsellor. The mentoring system is a network where the Teaching staff members, Head of Departments, Principal and the Professional Counsellor, collaborate with each other to ensure the wellbeing of students.

Activities of the counselling Department

The activities of the department include providing individual counselling sessions for students, counselling sessions for parents, group counselling sessions and special counselling for hostel students, individual and group counselling sessions for teaching and non-teaching staff members. Based on the student’s requirement appropriate referral will be given by the professional counsellor. The department also focuses on organising programs to disseminate authentic information and create awareness about various aspects of an individual’s life by collaborating with professionals and experts

Feedback of counselling sessions

Professional Counseling has helped many students to vent, share and express their emotional outburst and suppressed feelings in a confidential environment. Has helped the student to overcome their emotional and psychological difficulties and become self-motivated, self-confident and self-reliant. Counseling has helped students to improve their academics and develop right behaviour, values and ethics in their life.


Name : Maha Lakshmi S

Designation : Student Counsellor

Mail Id : mahalkakshmi.s@eec.srmrmp.edu.in

Phone No : 6381233924

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