SRM Easwari Engineering College provides professional counselling and psychological assistance for all students and staff. This is to promote and ensure a healthy environment and emotional wellbeing. Any Individual (student/ staff) in the campus has any issues related to academic performance, emotional disturbances, family issues, behavioural/habitual disorders, social isolation etc is helped by professional counselling services. The student or the staff approaches the counsellor on their own interest or the Teachers, HODs, Principal identify them and refer them for counselling, sometimes even the counsellor identifies the needy and counsels.

The Professional Counselor, Mrs.Sujitha Raveen qualified in Master in Social Work Specialized in Community Development with an added PG Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, having experience of 12 years in NGOs, Hospitals and Corporate CSR activities. She is available in the campus on all the working days and during the working time of the college hours. The counsellor counsels the student in a private confidential environment.

Activities of the counselling Department: Individual Counselling sessions for students, Follow up sessions, parent counselling sessions, Group counselling sessions, Special counselling for Hostel students, Individual and Group counselling sessions for teaching and non-teaching staff. Every 20 student has been assigned an academic counsellor (teaching staff) in their own department. The student will be continuously and monitored by the academic counsellor. Students who require professional help will be sent to the college counsellor. These staff is trained on counselling and its techniques by the professional counsellor.

The counselling sessions in a month on an average of 20 -25 students are counselled and will come for follow up sessions too. Frequency of visits is as per the requirement. And 8-12 parents meet the counsellor. Group sessions for all classes of I, II, III, IV and PG’s are addressed once in a semester or a year. Special group counselling sessions for hostel students are done as and when required.

Feedback of counselling sessions: Professional Counseling has helped many students to vent, share and express their emotional outburst and suppressed feelings in a confidential environment. Has helped the student to overcome their emotional and psychological difficulties and become self-motivated, self-confident and self-reliant. Counseling has helped students to improve their academics and develop right behaviour, values and ethics in their life.


Name: Sujitha Raveen
Designation: Student Counsellor
Easwari Engineering College

Mail id: [email protected]
HP: 7708382408
Intercom: 3106