Higher Education Cell

The Higher Education Cell was formed in Easwari Engineering College with a view to providing the students a guidance to enhance their knowledge in their chosen area of study. It provides students counseling on the various courses available and encourages them to pursue a field of study in line with their skill sets, aptitude and career aspirations. The Cell also prepares students for a lifelong commitment to learning. This allows students to excel in their chosen area of expertise.


Easwari Engineering College students will be prepared for a lifelong commitment to learning. This will improve their knowledge as well as career prospects and lead them to be productive citizens of the world.


The mission of the Higher Education Cell is to prepare and give exposure to students for pursuing higher studies abroad and in India. This will be in line with their skill sets, aptitude and career aspirations.


  • To facilitate students to identify their aptitude for learning & the course they want to pursue.
  • To guide students in the various procedures involved in getting admission to various Universities in India & Abroad.
  • To guide them in taking up various Competitive Examinations like CAT, MAT, GATE, GMAT, SAT, GRE ,TOEFL and civil services

Higher Education Cell Coordinators

S.No Name of the faculty Designation Department Role
1 Dr.K. Mala Associate Professor Electrical and Electronics Engineering Convener
2 Mrs.R.Sheeja Assistant Professor Civil Engineering Member
3 Mrs.M.Bhanumathi Assistant Professor Computer Science and Engineering Member
4 Ms.A.Usha Assistant Professor Electronics and Communication Engineering Member
5 Mrs.R.Nagalakshmi Assistant Professor Electronics  and Instrumentation Engineering Member
6 Mr.Ravindran Assistant Professor Information Technology Member
7 Mr.J. Paulmar Pushparaj Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Member
8 Ms.S.Sasirekha Assistant Professor M.B.A Member
9 Dr.A.K.Babu Associate Professor Automobile Engineering Member
10 Mrs.S.Arulmozhi Assistant Professor Maths Member
11 Mrs.B.Shanthi Assistant Professor Chemistry Member
12 Mr.V.Anand Assistant Professor English Member

No of Students Pursuing Higher Education

2020-21(In progress)