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The college has a registered Alumni association which strives to promote an enduring relationship between students and their Alma Mater. The Alumni have contributed liberally towards the development of the institution through scholarships, endowments, financial support, organizing lectures etc. By establishing channel that can facilitate closer ties between alumni, students and colleges, it can provide crucial benefits in enriching the students experience while being at the college. Every alumni has experienced being a student to becoming a unique and different graduate with flying colours of results and good opportuties in their workplace. Easwari Engineering College has always been with us in developing infrastructure and new outlook to our college by contributing financial support whenever it is needed.


The mission of the Easwari Engineering College Office of Alumni Association is to build a global, lifelong community of alumni by providing more chances for meaningful interaction. This will boost alumni pride, participation, volunteerism, and philanthropic support for EEC.


To foster pride and goodwill among both alumni and students. to assist alumni in cultivating and disseminating a charitable and entrepreneurial mindset among students. to provide guidance and organize events that will inspire students and enhance their skill sets.


Supporting a network of former students who will assist to increase awareness of the university is one of the key goals of alumni groups. Alumni groups, like the majority of other student organizations at universities, seek to unite people who have the same interests.


1. To bring the old students of Easwari Engineering College , under one forum for exchange of experience, dissemination of knowledge and talents amongst its members and also for the furtherance of fellowship, advancement of scientific knowledge in general of the community and country. The object of these byelaws is to carry out the mission and objectives of Alumni Association of Easwari Engineering College as outlined in the aforementioned Memorandum and Articles of Association, in general, and in particular, to provide an Association through which the Alumni of the Easwari Engineering College, Ramapuram, faculty, staff and students of the institute can interact with each other for mutual benefit and for the benefit of Association at large. These bye laws specify the structure, rules of process, and procedures for the proper governance of the organization, in accordance with the guidelines of the Tamil Nadu Societies Act of 1975.

2. To promote and encourage a continuing interest in and loyalty to Easwari Engineering college, keep a roster of all Alumni of college and their pertinent data, maintain the updated and current information of all Alumni and to encourage, foster and promote close relations among the alumni themselves. To foster good rapport between the management, staff and students on one hand and the public on the other hand for the growth and development of the college to better its public image.

3. To conduct seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings of all alumni and faculties for the purpose of promotion of Engineering knowledge and skill and to guide and assist Alumni who have recently completed their courses of study at Easwari Engineering college, to keep them engaged in productive pursuits useful to the society and to provide a forum for the Alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day by organizing and coordinating reunion activities of the Alumni.

4. To represent and participate in such seminars, conferences, workshops or meetings conducted by various Engineering Associations, Establishments and to seek recognition (representation) in various forums of State and Central Governments, private and other Autonomous Bodies, with a view to contribute to the furtherance of the objectives of the Association.

5. To advise and interact with State and Central Government Bodies, Universities, Professional Associations and Associations of Engineering and Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Industries and Marketing Agencies on matters relating to promotion of Engineering education.

6. To create and establish endowments for granting scholarships and prizes to the students of Easwari Engineering College with a view to promote and encourage talents of all students of the college.

7. The funds of the association may be used in infrastructure and other development activities of Easwari Engineering College.

8. To do all such acts, deeds and things as may be incidental, conductive to or necessary for the furtherance of the above objective.



1Ms.Archana RajamanickamPresidentHead L&D , Campus Partnerships, Econ Systems
2Mr.Vinodhkumar VVice PresidentProject Engineer, Petrofac
3Mr.Stephen DeepakSecretaryProfessor, Kristu Jayanti College, Autonomous, Bangalore
4Ms.Gophika TTreasurerAssistant Professor, Easwari Engineering College
5Mr. R.Sai ShankarMembersCEO, PSMJ.in
6Mr.Arvind GMembersProgram Manager
7Ms.J.LydiaMembersAssistant Professor, Easwari Engineering College
8Mr.Karthik Raja.DMembersEmbedded Software Engineer, Caterpillar
9Mr. Lalith KishoreMembersFounder and CEO, Aero Create
10Mr.Navaneetha Babu CMembersCTO And Head Of Data Delivery, Gulf Consulting Fze
11Ms.Vinodhini.RMembersAssistant Engineer, Public works department
12Mr.Siddharth SureshMembersManager – Supply Chain And Planning
13Mr. KingsleyMembersAssistant Professor, Easwari Engineering College

Explore our department wise Alumni


1image_160pxName: Priyanka. D
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Batch: 2017-2019
Designation: Project Manager
Company Name: Viral Present PVT LTD
2image_160pxName: Natarajan
Degree: Master of Business Administration
Batch: 2014-2016
Designation: senior analyst
Company Name: Maersk line

3image_160pxName: Aditya V
Degree: B.E (ECE)
Batch: 2010
Designation: Head of Marketing
Company Name: Carl Zeiss Microscopy
4image_160pxName: nrithya
Degree: ECE
Batch: 2017
Designation: Technology Associate
Company Name: Goldman Sachs
5image_160pxName: Absala Pream Regin S
Degree: B.E (ECE)
Batch: 2006-2010
Designation: Early Talent Recruiting Consultant
Company Name: Caterpillar Inc. USA
6image_160pxName: Karthik M
Degree: B.E (ECE)
Batch: 2012-2016
Designation: Applied R&D Engineer ( S/W Development)
Company Name: NOKIA
7image_160pxName: M.Philip Samuel
Degree: B.E (EIE)
Batch: 2007-2011
Designation: Technology Lead
Company Name: Infosys, Ltd.
8image_160pxName: K. Sivakumar
Degree: B.E (EIE)
Batch: 2009-2013
Designation: Doctoral student
University Name: The University of Auckland
9image_160pxName: Monisha K Bhavasaar
Degree: B.E (EIE)
Batch: 2011-2015
Designation: Powertrain Engineer
Company Name: Ford India Private Ltd.
10image_160pxName: Mohammed Shoaib Ahmed J
Degree: B.E (Automobile)
Batch: 2020
Designation: Growth Executive
Company Name: Fieldproxy
11image_160pxName: Vinodhkumar V
Degree: BE (EEE)
Batch: 2012
Designation: Senior Project Engineer
Company Name: Petrofac
12image_160pxName: Saravanan Lakshamanan
Degree: B.E (EEE)
Batch: 2007-2011
Designation: Field Lead Electrical Engineer
Company Name: Saipem
13image_160pxName: Anand B
Degree: MS Electrical Engineering
Batch: 2006-2010
Designation: Sr Engineer
Company Name: Caterpillar
14image_160pxName: Aishwarya Chakravarthy
Degree: BE – EEE
Batch: 2009-2013
Designation: Project Manager
Company Name: Burns & McDonnell
15image_160pxName: Nandini
Degree: Master of Science in Electrical and computer engineering
Batch: 2014-2016
Designation: Staff engineer
Company Name: Spirent Communications
16image_160pxFull Name: Mahalakshmi K
Batch: 2010-2014
Company name: Tata consultancy services
Current Designation: IT Analyst
17image_160pxFull Name: Nivedha Sathyanarayana
Batch: 2015-2019
Current Designation: Corporate IT Trainee, Philips Domestic Appliances – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

18image_160pxName: Adhira VG
Designation:Lead Technical Consultant ,Vuram

19image_160pxName: Dr. Akash Sridhar
Batch: 2010 to 2014
Designation: Senior CPU Architect at Qualcomm (California)

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