Industry Institute Partnership Cell

The Industry Institute Partnership Cell was organized in the year 2007, as continuous interaction between academia and industry which is the need of the hour. It provides a platform for both the students as well as faculty members to be aware of industry expectations of skill sets required for students. This enables students to be aware of the lacunae in their skills and provides an opportunity to upgrade them. It also enables Faculty to be aware of industry expectations & train students to meet these expectations. Faculty members through FDPs are also provided an opportunity to constantly upgrade their knowledge. This will enhance the Teaching Learning Process and enable the Institution to produce quality students. Such interactions can thus be of mutual benefit to the institution as well as the industry.


To make Easwari Engineering College a hub for the conflux of the best talents from industry and


Easwari Engineering College to be a Centre of Excellence for Research & Consultancy in constant collaboration with industry
To provide hands on training to students with mapping of curriculum.
To promote & educate the faculty about the current trends in the industry.
To make our students employment ready by enhancing their skills in par with industry requirement.


To organizing workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the institution and the industry.
To arrange for experts from industry to visit and deliver lectures for students on the current trends & happenings in a particular sector.
To arrange for faculty development programmes to provide them an opportunity to be constantly aware of the latest developments in their field of specialization.
To sign MoUs with industries for mutual benefit of industry & institution.

Office Bearers

1Dr. R.Karpagam & Dr. S.PadmanabhanAsso.ProfCoordinator
2R.AArthiAsso. ProfMember
3B.ArthiAsst. ProfMember
4D.R.RajendranAsso ProfMember
5Lenin dhalAsst. Prof.Member
7M.KamarajAsst. Prof.Member
8M.Deva BrindaAsso.ProfMember
9A SomasundaramAP Sl.GrMember

Activities Of The Cell

DateType of ActivityParticipantsPlace
04.09.2014Industrial VisitCivil Engineering studentsRaymix Concrete Company
09.08.2014 Lecture on Introduction to QC and 7 quality tools’Mr.B.Natraj, Asst Professor MBA & Mr.Gopinath, Asst Professor MechanicalQCFI Chennai Chapter
06.08.2014SEBI Workshop on ‘Financial Planning’MBA Finance studentsEaswari Engineering College
05.03.2014CII Conference on Infrastructure DevelopmentDr.T.Kalaiselvan, Prof, Placement & Dr Lavanya Prabha, HOD/CivilGrand Chola
27.02.2014 &
13th Edition of ICTACT Bridge Conference on ‘Focus on Leadership & Academic Excellence’Dr.T.Kalaiselvan, Prof, PlacementChennai Trade Centre
21.02.2014Annual Convention of CIIMr.K.Mukundan, AP/MBA and Dr.Mu.Subrahmanian, Head-MBAITC Park Sheraton, Chennai
08.02.2014Annual ‘Quality Circles Convention in Education’College & school students from ChennaiEaswari Engineering College
07.02.2014Industry Institute Interaction MeetDr. Dr.T.Kalaiselvan, Prof, Placement and Dr.Mu.Subrahmanian, Head, MBACovenant Consulting, Chennai
22.01.2014CII - TN HR SummitDr. Dr.T.Kalaiselvan, Prof, PlacementCII
25.07.2013 Lecture on
Customer Centric Profitability Management in Current turbulent times’
Mr.B.Natraj, Asst Professor MBAMMA

Academic Year – 2010 -2011

DateType of ActivityParticipantsPlace
1.03.2011 to 5.03.2011Wipro Mission 10X Five day Faculty empowerment programmeFaculty of Easwari Engineering CollegeEaswari Engineering College
9.03.2011 to 10.03.2011Wipro Mission 10X Five day Faculty empowerment programmeFaculty of Easwari Engineering CollegeEaswari Engineering College
7.03.2011Wipro Mission 10X Aarambh Faculty of Easwari Engineering CollegeEaswari Engineering College
20.03.2011‘Innovator 2010’EIE StudentsCII

Academic Year – 2011 -2012

DateType of ActivityParticipantsPlace
29.11.2011 to 3.12.2011
Wipro Mission 10X Five day Faculty empowerment programmeFaculty of Easwari Engineering CollegeEaswari Engineering College
22.11.2011 to 26.11.2011Wipro Mission 10X Five day Faculty empowerment programmeFaculty of Easwari Engineering CollegeEaswari Engineering College
10.10.2011 to 11.10.2011Wipro Mission 10X Two day advanced workshopFaculty of Easwari Engineering CollegeEaswari Engineering College

Academic Year – 2012 -2013

DateType of ActivityParticipantsPlace
04.03.2013Lecture on Post Budget Analysis’Mr.R.Shyamprasad, Asst Prof, MBA DeptCII
1.03.2013‘Excellence in Manufacturing’Dr.K.Kathiravan, Vice Principal &Dr.V.Elango, HOD/MechanicalSaint Gobain
26.02.2013Special Lecture & Interaction with Padmabushan R.Thyagarajan, Founder Shriram Group’Prof.K.Mukundan & Mrs R.BanuReka, Faculty MBAPark Sheraton, Chennai
20.02.2013ICTAT Bridge-2013, Chennai Edition’Dr.Mu.Subrahmanian, Head-MBAIndustry Institute Interaction Initiative by Government of Tamil Nadu & CII