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Robotics and Automation Engineering

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Robotics and automation focuses on the design and development of intelligent robot systems which can be deployed in different environments to replace or assist humans in monotonous tasks or in dangerous environments. In recent years, robotic research also focuses on the construction of human friendly robots, especially for home and service industries. With advancement in technologies, the robotic systems will be able to perceive the environments and act on a given task with capability on par or better than that of humans. A robot may also have the ability to move around in a given environment.

Robotic systems may range from industrial robots, humanoid robots, mobile robots, biomimetic robots, flying robot, unmanned vehicles, etc. There are also wearable robotic systems such as exoskeleton or assistive device which can be used for rehabilitation and enhancement of human’s stamina and strength. In general, robotic systems and combination of automation can be applied to improve productivity, security and also to assist humans in challenging tasks.

Our Vision

To impart quality education in the field of computer science and engineering and to provide graduates with technical skills enabling them to contribute to the society by solving real world problems and to become a centre of excellence for advanced computing

Our Mission

To provide strong foundation in computer science and engineering and in problem solving techniques to become successful professionals in the field of computing and prepare them for higher education

To provide students with latest skills in the field of computer science and engineering and to realize the importance of life-long learning

To produce graduates with the ability to participate in interdisciplinary collaborations and apply recent computing tools and technologies in new domains and industry

To produce graduates capable of ethically and responsibly approaching and committing themselves to the social impact of computing

To prepare students to communicate effectively and exhibit leadership qualities to work on diverse project teams

To provide research environment for students and faculty to undertake inter-disciplinary research in emerging areas

Our milestones

The department of ‘Computer Science and Engineering’ has been established in the year 1996 with initial intake of 60, then increased to 120 in the year of 2001 and 180 in the year of 2019.

The department is offering U.G (B.E CSE) since inception and P.G (M.E CSE) Programme since 2005. Annual Intake for PG programme is 18 students.

The department has been accredited by National Board of Accreditation since 2007.

Both U.G and P.G programs are permanently affiliated by Anna University from 2009, 2014 respectively.

Department has approved Research Nodal Centre for pursuing MS (Research) and Ph.D by Anna University, Chennai from 2010 and 13 research scholars successfully completed their Ph.D., and 1 in M.S., programme.

Received TCS best student award for the year 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016 & 2017.

Every year receiving the Top “Platinum Grade” AICTE – CII Survey, 2015.

50th Ranking among top 100 Engineering Colleges In India – Under CSE Discipline, Silicon India Survey, 2015.

Placed in top 10 Position among 571 Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu (Includes Government Institutions), Raging Bull Education Survey, 2017.

The Department has signed MOUs with Anna University, WITY technologies, BSNL (Southern Telecom Sub Region), CLRI (Central Leather Research Institute), CWRCD (Center for Wireless Research and Competency Development) and INTERNET TECHIES.

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