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The Program in Applications of Computing is an interdisciplinary program designed for students who want to combine the study of computing and computers beyond an introductory level with another academic concentration, but who are not concentrating in computer science.

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Sl. NoCompany NameCompany
1.TAFE Gears Ltd PudupakkamPrivateI A26.08.2019
2.TAFE Gears Ltd PudupakkamPrivateI B27.08.2019
3.TAFE Gears Ltd PudupakkamPrivateI C27.08.2019
4.TAFE Gears Ltd PudupakkamPrivateIII A30.09.2019
5.TAFE Gears Ltd PudupakkamPrivateIII B01.10.2019
6.TAFE Gears Ltd PudupakkamPrivateIII C03.10.2019

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