Waterproofing Training for practicing engineers and students

TYPE : Training and Development Program

TITLE : Waterproofing Training for practicing engineers and students

DATE : 13.10.2023

TIME : 9am – 5pm

TARGET AUDIENCE: M.E Structural engineering students & site Engineers, Waterproofing contractors

No.of participants: 32


Department of Civil Engineering organized a “Training and development program” on Waterproofing Training for practicing engineers and students , on 13th October 2023. At first, the lecture started with Distress in concrete. Then the session explained the types of distress and causes of distress. The mistakes that could happen during the application of waterproof were explained. Good construction practice, building envelope, Diagnosis, condition assessment, and the right strategy and methodology for attending to a problem are been lectured. Substructure waterproofing, the basement area’s risk factors, and its protection were explained according to BS8102:2009 and IS 16471:2017. Then the audience was introduced to some Dr. Fixit products like Dr. Fixit Super Latex which is utilized for fixes of spalled cement, for example, – floors, columns, beams, and slabs & waterproofing of bathrooms & terraces. It bonds emphatically to old and new concrete and mortar. Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2k is applied to waterproof and protect concrete and similar structures. Specially formulated for swimming pools, retaining walls, pile heads, water tanks, submerged tunnels, sumps, and bridge decks. Dr. Fixit Damp guard is utilized as an inside covering for the waterproofing medicines of water tanks and building dividers since it may be applied over moist surfaces and it has magnificent water opposition, bond, hardness and durability and sets quicker like dissolvable based epoxy plans and the Crystalline waterproofing. Hands-on the session was initiated it had an experience of fixing waterproofing sheets made of SBS and HDPE membrane. Later, on the second day of the session, waterproofing in the toilet using FAST FLEX was introduced. The process of Grouting using PUB foam injection was explained. The hands-on session had the explanation of applying the product Fastflex and bracing the water tanks using a hydrophilic water stopper.

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