Date  : 13.10.2023

Time  : 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

Venue: Gallery Hall

Event Convenor: Dr.S Lavanya Prabha

Event Coordinator: Mr.M Surendar, Mrs.G Prabha

No. of Participants:96

Resource Person: Mr.Ravi shhankkar Subramaniam

Profile of the Speaker: Executive Committee Member, Technical Director, Integino Structural Solutions Pvt Ltd., Chennai

Summary of the Event:

The guest lecture on recent trends in concrete construction unfolded as a captivating exploration into the evolving landscape of building design and construction methodologies. The guest lecture was given by Er. Ravi Shhankkar Subramaniam, Chief Executive of Technical and Operations at First Quadrant Structfit and Padmavathi Buildmat. This event was a unique opportunity to gain insights into two critical aspects: the engineering marvels of tall buildings and the innovative techniques in concrete pumping. Beyond the technical details, the guest lecturer ignited inspiration by motivating the audience to dream high, encouraging them to embrace ambitious goals in the field of construction.

Recent Trends in Concrete Construction:

Tall Buildings – Engineering the Sky:

The guest lecturer commenced the session by delving into the realm of tall buildings, highlighting recent trends and groundbreaking projects from around the world. From the Burj Khalifa to the Shanghai Tower, the lecture showcased the engineering prowess and architectural innovations that have enabled the construction of structures reaching unprecedented heights. Concepts such as advanced materials, wind engineering, and sustainable design were discussed, providing a holistic view of the intricacies involved in building skyscrapers.

Pumping of Concrete – Precision and Efficiency:

The focus then shifted to the crucial role of concrete pumping in modern construction. The lecturer elucidated the significance of concrete pumps in enhancing efficiency, reducing construction timelines, and ensuring structural integrity. The audience gained insights into the various types of concrete pumps, their applications, and the advantages they bring to the construction process. Case studies of projects where innovative pumping techniques were employed illustrated the real-world impact of these advancements.

Motivational Segment – Dreaming High:

Following the technical exploration, the guest lecturer seamlessly transitioned into a motivational segment, urging the audience to aspire for greatness in their professional and personal lives. Key points from this segment included:

Visionary Thinking: Encouragement to envision and conceptualize projects beyond conventional boundaries.

Overcoming Challenges: Acknowledging that achieving great heights often involves overcoming challenges, the speaker shared anecdotes and insights on resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Innovation and Creativity: Emphasizing the importance of innovation and creative thinking in the construction industry, inspiring the audience to explore new ideas and approaches.


The guest lecture on recent trends in concrete construction was an enriching experience that not only provided technical knowledge but also ignited a passion for innovation and achievement. The insights into tall buildings and concrete pumping, coupled with the motivational encouragement to dream high, left a lasting impression on the audience. As aspiring professionals in the field of construction, the lecture served as a catalyst for envisioning a future where ambitious goals are not only pursued but realized through dedication, innovation, and collaborative effort.

Student’s Feedback:

Er. Ravi Shhankkar Subramaniam’s talk was eye-opening! I learned a lot about the tech side of construction, and his insights inspired me to think big in my future endeavors.

Er. Ravi Shankkar Subramaniam’s talk was awesome! I now have a clearer view of the construction world and feel motivated to aim high in my future career.

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