Indian Plumbing Professional League

Event Report

Event Title: Indian Plumbing Professional League

Date: 14.10.2023 & 15.10.2023 Time : 8.00 am – 4.30 am

Venue: Gallery Hall, Department of Civil Engineering

Event Convenor: Dr.S.Lavanya Prabha

Event Coordinator: Dr.S.Virapan, Mrs.M.AMALA

No. of Participants: 68 (55 Industry Members, 3 Faculty, 10 students)

Resource Person: Mr.K. SREEKUMAR



Profile of the Speaker:

  • He has over three decades of association with L&T having joined as a Graduate Engineer Trainee in 1978 after obtaining a Civil Engineering degree from College of Engineering – Guindy, Chennai.  He has a wide spectrum experience covering Design of Structures, Construction Methods Planning, Project management, Contracting, Construction Products Manufacturing& Marketing, Business development.
  • He has headed the Factories Business Unit, which offers Turnkey design & Construction services for Manufacturing units and Plants such as Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Cement Plants, Forging plants, Logistic Hubs, Warehouses etc., with the responsibility stretching end to end from Business development to Project deliverables.
  • He has to his credit the achievement of doubling the business volume from $150 Million to $350 Million in a span of 4 years. He has been instrumental in winning orders for L&T Construction from many prestigious multi-national Clients like Nestle, P&G, Siemens, Honda, Ford, Renault Nissan, Boeing, Heidelberg cements, etc.
  • He was nominated by L&T to serve as a Member of the Board, in the Institute for Lean Construction Excellence (ILCE) in India which is specifically established by the Indian Construction industry for popularizing Lean methods of Construction execution in India.

Summary of the Event:       


Students Chapter the Indian Plumbing Association , Department Civil Engineering of Easwari Engineering College Inaugurated the  7th Edition of INDIAN PLUMBING PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE 2023(IPPL’2023) as _Process Hackathon in plumbing .The Inauguration of this program was conducted on 14/10/2023at 9.30 am in Gallery Hall.  where employees from over 25 companies comprised of   30 Teams (2 members in a team) from different plumbing and construction industry. It is a 4-week session which will be conducted on every Saturday.

Inauguration ceremony started with Welcome Address by HoD/Civil,Dr. S. Lavanya Prabha to IPA Chennai chapter members, Participants and Chief Guest. On behalf of IPA Chennai chapter, Mr. Joseph Mathew felicitated the ceremony with special address. EEC, Department of Civil Engineering, Professor & IPA Chennai chapter Executive Member Dr. S. VIRAPAN gave overall View about this IPPL going to happening for next five Saturday. And he introduced the Chief Guest K.Srikumar, Chief Guest delivered Inaugural address. Followed by Inauguration Ceremony, the Week 1 of IPPL 2023 sessions are planned and remaining 3 weeks of IPPL2023 is to be conducted in the forthcoming weekends.

The session started by Prof Dr Virapan S of civil department by addressing the gathering about the day’s agenda .

MRS.O.SAMUNDESHWARI started with an introduction about sanitary fixtures and fittings. She briefly explained about the types of sanitary fixtures and fittings  and the application of sanitary fixtures and fittings in various different areas. Sanitary Fittings are cleanable tubing connections installed in systems of process piping to ensure sterility and cleanliness. Like regular fittings, sanitary fittings connect sections of piping systems to regulate the flow of fluid, but sanitary fittings are specially designed and made to prevent the entrapment, formation, and spread of bacteria in the piping system. Sanitary fittings are also used in facilities that use potentially dangerous chemicals, to minimize safety risks and to ensure that no contamination takes place through the leakage. The role of sanitary fittings is thus paramount in ensuring that safety and hygiene standards are maintained at all times of operation.

The required levels of hygiene and sterility are maintained during use because they are cleanable. They can be cleaned either by being dismantled and cleaned manually or through an inbuilt clean-in-place (CIP) process.

Most sanitary fittings are made of stainless steel. Sanitary fittings must be made of sterilizable and corrosion-resistant materials that can withstand frequent exposure to high temperatures, pressure, and chemicals. Stainless steel is the most commonly used material for sanitary fittings for process piping, with high-grade alloys also sometimes used. Stainless steel is naturally antimicrobial and is resistant to rust and corrosion. It is also an easy-to-clean surface that is perfectly suited to facilities where hygiene and cleanliness are of primary concern.

Mr. SIVAPRAKASH started with an introduction of valves and vents. He explained about gate valves and the types of materials it is been made like cast-iron, brass and metal. Air vent valves (also known as automatic air vent or auto vent or Air release valves and even mistakenly referred as air relief valve) are commonly used in pressurized systems to bleed the air which gets trapped in it due to emptying of pipes especially after downtime of the hydro-pneumatic / chiller pump. Similarly in gravity fed systems also when the pipe forms an inverted u-shaped bend air is trapped whenever the elevated/ overhead tank becomes empty. A vent is an opening, lets air out, mostly a free flow case. A relief valve generally operates on pressure differential across it. It opens and allows flow through it if the pressure difference between the two sides of it reach a certain value.

Representative from PRINCE PIPES company explained about the, when he gave details about the company and their innovation. Single Piece Nahani Trap – a single-piece UPVC injection trap that prevents the entry of pests, small insects and foul gases into the house through water inlets and Prince Safe fit UPVC Column Pipes with its patented inner rib for enhanced strength.Prince Safefit UPVC Column pipes with patented circlip for enhanced strength. DWC Coupler – A technology to ensure long lasting leakproof pipe joints.Vent Cowl 110 mm – A plastic, single piece Injection Moulded product, dimensions confirm to IS-14735. Used as a cap on top of the vertical line of toilet pipes to reduce pan syphoning, discharging polluted air outside the building, prevents animals, birds etc. from entering pipework & disease-causing mosquito infestation.

Overall, the session was very useful and highly informative. Through this session pipes , sanitary fixtures and fittings and an introduction on valves and vents . A hope that we can enter the finals was deeply bestowed in us.

0110/09/2022PRINCE PIPESPipe Types
0210/09/2022MRS.O.SAMUNDESHWARISanitary fixtures and fittings
0310/09/2022Mr. SIVAPRAKASH Valves and vents
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