DATE  : 10.09.2022

TIME   : 09.30 AM – 04.30 PM


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Students Chapter the Indian Plumbing Association , Department Civil Engineering of Easwari Engineering College Inaugurated the 6th Edition of INDIAN PLUMBING PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE 2022 (IPPL’2022) as _Process Hackathon in plumbing .The Inauguration of this program was conducted on 10/09/2019 at 9.30 am in TRP Auditorium.  where employees from over 25 companies comprised of  30 Teams  (2 members in a team) from different plumbing and construction industry. One team from Civil Department Faculty & One team from Mechanical Department faculty from Easwari Engineering college has also participated. It is a 4-week session which will be conducted on every Saturday.

Inauguration ceremony started with Welcome Address by HoD/Civil,Dr. S. Lavanya Prabha to IPA Chennai chapter members, Participants and Chief Guest. Presidential Address was given by Principal of  EEC, Dr. R.S. Kumar. On behalf of IPA Chennai chapter, Mr. Joseph Mathew felicitated the ceremony with special address. EEC, Department of Civil Engineering, Professor & IPA Chennai chapter Executive Member Dr. S. VIRAPAN gave overall View about this IPPL going to happening for next five Saturday. And he introduced the Chief Guest. Ar.S.VIJAYANANDAN, Chief Guest delivered Inaugural address. He well explained about the Indian Standards Code Books in compared with American Standards and the reason for the variation in the standards. Followed by Inauguration Ceremony, the Week 1 of IPPL 2022 sessions are planned and remaining 4 weeks of IPPL2022 is to be conducted in the forthcoming weekends.

The session started by WINSTON C. PRABHU with an introduction about PRINCE PIPES Company, where he gave a detailed view about their company and their innovation. They introduced some new kind of pipes which has been running successfully for many years and in satisfying customers need.

Prof.S. Virappan civil department addressed the gathering and started the session with some interesting case study on plumbing, water seepage and dampness. He told the causes and the solutions. Mr. PAUL started with an introduction about KBL Pumps Company, where he gave a detailed view about their company and their new products. KBL Company is an American multinational company which has been running successfully for 130 years over 80 countries in 6 continents and in satisfying customers need.

Prof.S. Virappan took the session on plumbing terminology. He spoke briefly about different terms like aerated fitting, PEX, gray water, black water,

Back siphonage, macerating toilet system, etc.

Mr. SANGEET MOSSES started with an introduction about HECS company. HECS is a company which lasts 25 years in water and wastewater treatment. He briefed with package STP which they manufacture and some technology which are currently available in market with regards to package sewage treatment plant.

Mr. MATHEWS the marketing manager of LEHRY INSTRUMENTATION AND VALVES. He started with an introduction, lehry valves is a 1950 company and their core business is manufacturing valves and automation. He spoke about different valves and water metering system.

Mr. IMRAN KHAN from VIEGA PIPES started with an introduction. Viega pipes have served Bharat research station in Atlantica. He explained about different types of SS pipes for different types of condition.

Mr. RAJENDRAN and his team started with an introduction video about WATERTEC company and their products , where he gave a detailed view about different types of taps and valves.

Overall, the session was very useful and highly informative. Through this session our understanding in plumbing increased greatly. A hope that we can enter the finals was deeply bestowed in us.

0110/09/2022Mr. WINSTON C. PRABHUpipesPrince pipes
0210/09/2022Mr. PAULPumpsKBL
0310/09/2022Mr. SANGEET MOSSESSTP, wastewater treatmentHECS
0410/09/2022Mr. MATHEWSValves, water metering systemLehry instrumentation and valves
0510/09/2022Mr. IMRAN KHANSS pipesViega pipes
0610/09/2022Mr. RAJENDRAN & teamtaps, valves, W.CWaterTEC

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