Blood Donation Camp 

“If You Donate money ?you can give food ?but if you donate blood ?you can give life”✨

We the Youth Red Cross of Easwari Engineering College (Autonomous), ramapuram  are incredibly glad ?to announce that we are hosting a blood donation?? camp  along with CSE department?for their symposium ( KRATOS?) and for this event we have also collaborated?? with Kilpauk Medical College blood bank?. This golden tent will be held on?️ October 15, 2022 from 10am at ?Easwari Engineering College. We offer you a chance to become a real time hero???. All the heroes who shed their golden drops ??will be provided with certificates and refreshments?. Now it’s your turn to become a super hero by taking part in this blood donation drive with us. Your little effort can give others a second chance to live.✨?

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