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(20th to 25th January 2022, Chennai)

          Report on Investment Session

Easwari Engineering College, Department of Management Studies organized a 5days workshop on “Industry connect training on stock market in association with NISM” on January 20th,2022 in the form of virtual training through google meet nearly 60 students attended the session on all 5 days from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. The seminar focused on how to invest the income on different platforms and its advantages and disadvantages of four main asset classes. The program started with the welcome address by Dr.Saikumari .V Prof & head of the department .The session was handled by Mr.A.K.Narayan who is a Mentor, Author and investor.



A.K.Narayan Associates

Mentor,Author and Ivestor


Day 1:

            Our speaker A.K.Narayan started speaking about the investment on equity and the areas to invest. Where to invest and the procedure to invest. How to select product, which gives more profit and the What are the financial habit are useful for youngster, some ethics to invest money. He is also creating awareness of personal finance framework, awareness of pre-requisites for investing securities market, creating awareness of self-employment opportunities. Why people saves money and the four types of investment are Fixed Investment, Gold Investment, Real estate and Equity Investment.On the above four where we can make investment. Inflation and how the rate of interest is related with inflation and who fix the interest rate to bank, comparison of inflation rate with other countries like USA,UK and japan. What the today session about?

SESSSION 1: Important on Investment 

Useful tips on saving (save to avoid debt, spend less to save more) and the financial goals

The short-term,the Mid -term and the long-term goals. The three pillars of investment was discussed such as safety,liquidity and Return.

SESSION 2: Important on Investment (21.1.2022)

Session : 3 (22/1/2022)

The following points were briefed,

Intermediaries in Securities 1/4 to 4/4

  • Investors in securities market 1/2 which contain retail individual investor, Non-institutional investor, Qualified institution ladder and anchor investor.
  • Cut off price is an important topic in today session which states finalized price or an issue price.
  • Investment in primary market which cover Modes of capital issuance and it further divides in to four (i.e) public issue, right issue, bonus issue and placement.
  • What is IPO?
  • Participation in primary market.

Sesssion 4: (24/1/2022)

The following points were discussed during the session

  • Financial instruments to realise financial goals,
  • comparing various asset classes
  • Asset allocation across life stages
  • Products available in securities markets
  • Three I’s of securities market {issuers, intermediator, investors}
  • Indian securities market
  • Separate KYC for banks, insurance, shares

Session 5:(27/1/2022)

The trainer overviewed the topics covered during the previous classes and interacted with students by asking few questions about the Investment. Later the speaker explained the various risk involved in the Investment and classification of funds based on Investment type. The video was played at the end of the session about the NISM and various course offered by NISM.

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