Measurement of Vital Parameters

The Department of Biomedical Engineering organized the Brand Building Activity – Workshop on Measurement of Vital Parameters to the Higher Secondary Students of Chettinad Vidyashram, Chennai on 28.04.2023.
Dr.G.Babu, Head of the Department of Biomedical engineering was the convener of the programme. Mrs. K. Shruthi AP/BME and Dr.R.Banuvathy AP/BME were the coordinators of the programme.
The session started with a general introduction to Biosignal Processing of various Biosignals such as ECG, EEG, EMG in the Biosignal Processing Laboratory. The students learnt the Blood Group Identification, Hemoglobin level measurement, Bleeding Time and Clotting time in the Human Physiology Laboratory. Identification of Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, Temperature and the procedure for cutting and coagulation of tissues was demonstrated in the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment Laboratory. The students gave valuable feedback.
We thank our Management, Principal sir, Vice Principal-Admin, Vice Principal-Academics, HODs of various department for the continuous support and encouragement.

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