Impact of Diet and Lifestyle Factors on Health

On the Occasion of World Food Day 2023, the student society of Biomedical
Engineering of Easwari Engineering College had organized the Seminar on the topic
Impact of Diet and Lifestyle Factors on Health for II & III BME students on
16.10.2023 between 10.30 am to 11.30 am.
Dt. Vasugi Ayyavoo, (M.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics), Consultant Dietitian, Kanaa
Fertility centre, Chennai was the Resource Person. Dr.G.Babu, HOD/BME was the
convenor for the event. The coordinators are Mrs.K.Shruthi, AP/BME &
Dr.K.Yamuna Devi, AP/BME. Kripa B, II BME was the student coordinator
The resource person addressed the students with the health issues faced by the
students and the impact of Lifestyle causing health issues. Madam also explained the
response of digestive system to different meals.
The students also learnt the importance of formal diet in this young age to live a health
life in future. Students also discussed the daily food activities and how to overcome if
the diet was not best for the future.
The session was very interactive and informative.

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