In recognition of the importance of global understanding and in support of the collegeā€™s mission of excellence in teaching and research, Easwari Engineering College strives to the provide the highest level of service and programs.


Our mission is to enhance the academic experiences of students by providing support and guidance on International academic programs, immigration services, advocacy, and programming to the EEC community.

The Office of International Relations centralises, coordinates and handles international cooperation activities at Easwari Engineering College, RamapuramĀ 

  • Information and advice to the College community about the different international programs available within the scope of higher education
  • Promote and handle student and teacher mobility to and from foreign institutions
  • Advise students on documentation needed for exchange visits and higher studies abroad
  • Provide faculty with information on teacher exchange and international cooperation programs
  • Handle incoming visits by international students including exchange students, prepare a Guide for Foreign Students, and provide reception, visas, travel, and hostel accommodation
  • Provide meet and greet service for international students, health and welfare provision, conflict resolution, counselling services, etc.
  • Draft and negotiate international cooperation agreements
  • Ensure presence of the college at international educational meetings and forums
  • Providing a channel for international communication
  • Assisting local and international students and/or expatriate lecturers to apply for or extend their visas
  • Seeking scholarships or grants for outbound and inbound students and faculty
  • Managing existing formal or informal collaboration and seeking new partnerships
  • Organizing international events for international students and alumni and grant aid support ceremonies
  • Promoting friendship and cultural understanding such as fun interactive events
  • Preparing and drafting Memoranda of Understanding (MoU)/Letters of Intent (LoI)/ Memoranda of Agreement (MoA) for international collaboration. Organizing Memoranda of Understanding signing ceremonies