Innovation in teaching and learning

Innovation No.Academic YearName of FacultyDept.Course codeCode nameDescription of the innovation (attach link or pdf)Impact on teaching
OutcomesFeedback/ Suggestions
12021 – 2022Dr.E.KaliappanEEE191EEE615THybrid Electric VehiclesA User Manual for retrofitting of electric bike – Wheel DesignThe data provided in the manual was very useful to the students in designing the wheel and accordingly retrofit an electric bike. The studnets gained knowledge and confidence in designing and developing a product.A team of Final year students have done a retrofitted E bike,2 students have got placed in EV related company
22020 – 2021Dr. R. KarpagamEEE191EEC502IPower ElectronicsDesign of various power converters using circuit simulator APPLET – FALSTADThe students understood the various type of Power converters for Various applications and were able to design and simuate the different power converters.Final Year students did few projects
32020 – 2021Dr.D.Fathema FarzanaEEEEE8501Power System AnalysisPower world simulatorThe students developed the skill to solve complex engineering problems.Students were able to do few projects
42020 – 2021Dr.P.Marish KumarEEE191EEC511LControl and Instrumentation labMeasuremen t of Capacitance by Schering’s bridgeThe students understood the measurement of capaciance by Schering’s Bridge through virtual lab.Students did the experiement vurtually and learnt the methodology of proceeding with V – lab experiments.
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52020 – 2021Dr.K.V.ThilagarEEE191EEC402TElectrical Machines -IConstruction and working of DCThe students understood the construction ofStudents were able to understand the concepts and
machineMachines by Animated videoreproduce in the exams. Improvement in results
62020 – 2021Mrs. D. ChandrakalaEEE191EEC302TDigital Logic CircuitsUser manual for VHDL coding for combination al circuits with simulation resultsStudents improved their coding skills and were able to write the coding with their own wayStudents were able to understand the concepts and reproduce in the exams. Improvement in results
72020 – 2021Mrs. N. PriyaEEE191EEC503TElectrical Machines IICase study of health monitoring of electrical machines using machine learning techniquesStudents understood the concept and the application of machine learning techniques in electrical machines.Students did a project on health monitoring of Motors
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82020 – 2021Mrs. J. LydiaEEE191EEC301TElectromagnetic TheoryPower factor measuremen t by two wattmeter methodDetermination of power factor from Wattmeter readings, the vector diagram for balance loads and the variation of wattmeter readings with the phase angles are clearly explained. The students level of understanding the concepts was enhanced and the tutorials in the video helped the students to clearly understand and solve power factor measurement problems at different load conditions.Students were able to understand the concepts and reproduce in the exams. Improvement in results
92020 – 2021Mrs. K. A. Indu SailajaEEE191EES301TElectronic devices and circuitsSimulation using tinkercadStudents were able to understand the concept better with circuit working and seeing the outputStudents did few Experiements and learnt simulation tools
102020 – 2021Mrs. K. A. Indu SailajaEEE191EEC601IEmbedded systemLecture videostudents were able to gain knowledge in the scheduling processstudents did few projects using Embedded Systems
112020 – 2021Mr. T. KesavanEEE191EEC404Tsignals and systemAnimation of sampling theoremStudents can understand the concept of sampling theorem with various sampling rateStudents were able to understand the concepts and reproduce in the exams. Improvement in results
122020 – 2021Dr. C. R.
EEE191EEE506TPower plant EngineeringCreating an Atomic reactor using a Virtual prototyping (VR
Students gained knowledge on designing Power plant using Virtual Reality Concept.Students were able to understand the concepts better as the concepts were thought through virtual tools
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132022-2023Dr. K. PrabaakaranEEE191EEC701TPower Electronics for Renewable Energy SystemSimulation – Design of renewable energy based power gridStudents gained knowledge on designing Power Grid using Renewable Energy Sources and analyse the impact of Power Quality disturbance in Utility grid.Students were able to understand the concepts and reproduce in the exams.
142020 – 2021Dr. G.Geethamahalaksh miEEE191EEC302TDigital Logic CircuitsKMAP SOLVERStudents can understand the procedure and practice problems using the given methodologyStudents were able to understand the concepts and reproduce in the exams. Improvement in results

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