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Electronics and Communication Engineering

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The Program in Applications of Computing is an interdisciplinary program designed for students who want to combine the study of computing and computers beyond an introductory level with another academic concentration, but who are not concentrating in computer science.

Internship Details

Sl. No.Name of the Association and Faculty CoordinatorName of the Office BearersPost Held
1Society of Electronics and Communication Engineers(SECE)
Mr. A. Ponraj, AP
Mr. S. R. Sriram,AP
Mr. R. NareshPresident
Mr.Naresh Vice president
Ms. K. NamrathaJoint secretary
Mr. S. JayachandranSecretary
Miss. S. B. SuzhmithaExecutive head
Mr. P. SrisivaramTreasurer

1.IV – A10.01.2019Ultratech Cement, ArakkonamPLANNED
2.IV – B11.01.2019Ultratech Cement, ArakkonamPLANNED
3.III – A27.12.2018Sewage Treatment Plant, NesapakkamPLANNED
4.III – B28.12.2018Sewage Treatment Plant, KoyambeduPLANNED
5.II -A20.12.2018Poondi ReservoirPLANNED
6.II – B21.12.2018Poondi ReservoirPLANNED
7.M.E – I10.01.2019Ultratech Cement, ArakkonamPLANNED
8.M.E – II11.01.2019Ultratech Cement, ArakkonamPLANNED

Sl.NoCompany NameDate of VisitYear/Sec
1Greenpearels Electronics Pvt Ltd26/08/2019I Year A
2Greenpearels Electronics Pvt Ltd27/08/2019I Year B
3Greenpearels Electronics Pvt Ltd28/08/2019I Year C
4Integral Coach Factory (ICF)13/09/2019II Year A
5Integral Coach Factory (ICF)13/09/2019II Year B
6Integral Coach Factory (ICF)17/09/2019II Year C
7Acer India Private Ltd, Pondicherry21/08/2019II Year C
8TNEB Substation, Cuddalore18/09/2019III Year B
9TNEB Substation, Cuddalore19/08/2019III Year C
10400KVA Substation, Sriperumbudur20/08/2019III Year A
11400KVA Substation, Sriperumbudur21/08/2019IV Year B

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