The Placement Department, on its own and / or in association with SRM ENGINEERING COLLEGE / OTHER LEADING INSTITUTION[S], maintains a very close Interaction and Coordination with Industries to assess Career Opportunities for our Students. Apart from Networking, Communications, Correspondence and Personal Meetings, well organised Campaigns are held to project our Strengths and create job opportunities.

In a Structured Manner, Resumes are Prepared in Electronic format and in conventional Forms and kept ready in Order to make them available for General and Specific Needs of the Industries.

Through several preparations, including Group Discussions and Mock Interviews, students are enabled to present themselves successfully in the Campus Interviews.


To further intensify the Activities to reach every student of this College from the very First Year and securing a bright future and Career pathways for 100% of Students.

To initiate new Techniques in developing the students to face modern methods of Personality Tests and Interviews.
To further upgrade the Quality of Guest lecturers on current Topics and Emerging Trends, so as to Prepare our Students as Entrepreneurs and Professionals for the Global Market.
To make the Department vibrant and a Hub for ‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Placement’.
To contribute to the growth of the Institution as an eminent ‘Resource Centre for providing True- Professionals’ and thus meet the expectations of the Industries at International Level.