SRM Easwari Engineering College

Well planned is half done! This time we have gone live with the future prospective students of Easwari Engineering College from 10th and HSC students as participants who turned out as 100 in number. The webinar on career pathway in Engineering jointly organised by Department Of Information Technology ,Computer Science and Placements was kick started with our promo video. There were enthusiastic participants who joined well before the start of the event and lots of questions been asked by them in live chat box which was duly answered starting from our beloved Dean Research, Principal, Dean Placements, HoD-IT and all faculty members immediately. HoD-IT Dr N Ananthi mam welcomed the Students with a brief welcome address and rightly mentioning about the importance of Engineering as all 3 Experts have done Engineering as their branch of study. Presidential Address was delivered by Principal sir rightly mentioning the need of the hour and appreciating the organisers with a brief introduction to Speakers and Easwari Engineering College. The felicitation address by VP Academics sir who also congratulated the organisers and addressed the students and encouraged them to have more queries in the session. The coordination was done by Mr Kumaran and Mr Durai from IT Department duly supported by Mr Monish our second year student from IT department and all faculty members from IT. The expert talk 1 was given by Mr Purushothaman S, Senior Scientist from ISRO and he pointed out the importance of Engineering and the scope of Engineers in Research with respected to Space Organisation and mentioned about the scope we have in Easwari Engineering College to achieve that. The expert talk 2 was given by Mr Viswanathan Venkat, Director-Talent Acquisition, Wipro Technologies where he addressed the students and gave a brief note on career opportunities in common and IT,CSE in particular. He rightly mentioned that choosing an institution is always important than the branch of study and Easwari Engineering College with more than 25 Years of experience in that is the right choice undoubtedly he remarked. The expert talk 3 was given by Mr Nethaji Nirmal G, Co founder, ResProlabs our very own student alumni from IT. He gathered the attention of student participants with a story and encouraged them to do Engineering and how Studying In Easwari has transformed him into a Successful Entrepreneur. The session had poll questions then and there and the poll results also displayed immediately. The take aways for the event such as Free visit to ISRO and Courses offered free from Study monk and Wisen IT Solutions for the student participants who excel in quiz apart from E Certificates to all. The proud Alumni of our college then addressed the Students and rightly mentioned about the college life at Easwari and what they have gained both from professional front and personal front in their lives.Dean Placement had motivational talk which truly inspired the students to take right decisions in their life and he elaborately explained the placement opportunities in length with mention of Annual salary from different companies. You name a brand of company we have a record in Easwari is the highlight without exaggeration as 400 companies and almost 100% placement is not a normal task. The doubt clarification session was coordinated by Mr Monish second year budding technologist from IT department and all the experts answered the various questions given to them according to the genre. All is well that ends well and Vote of Thanks was given by VP Admin where he thanked the organising team and congratulated the students for taking part in the successful event in this tough time of hour.

Special mention to Dean Research and Vasumathy mam for their constant support in hassle free live streaming of our event.

Hearty thanks to our principal and Dean placements for the swift response for students questions.

We thank all academic heads for their support.

As a whole we thank our honorable chairman sir for the massive support and encouragement

Thank you